My Favorite Cozy Spot in San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
Although San Franciso has changed quite a lot in recent years, the city still has a lot of charm. The last time I visited, I decided to find some cozy spots in the city. San Francisco has gone from urban and artistic to a spot with a lot of youngsters and become more modernized. But there are still ways to find the charm. So here I want to share the one place that you should definitely check out. It’s cozy, friendly and I absolutely loved it!  Having a change of environment and getting away from New York is necessary to recharge. San Francisco has a different vibe from Manhattan’s beaches or New York’s lively vibe – although I do love them both. It’s nice with a break though. I found a really nice spot in San Francisco that has a cozy atmosphere and needed to share!  Beautiful San Francisco

The Royal Cuckoo in San Francisco

It might not look as much on the outside, especially during the day, but in the evening it’s a different story. This is the only lounge in San Francisco that plays organ music and it’s so cozy. Organ lounges used to be popular back in the days, in the ’50s and ’60s but of course, that has all changed. If you haven’t been to one then now is the time. I had whiskey and some bourbon to go with the music and the cozy evening. I know, I know, it’s totally different from what I’m used to. But hey – you have to try new things, right? I was first happy to see all the red lights that give a warm atmosphere to the place. The sweet sounds of blues and songs just made it feel so romantic! The lights actually look a bit like fireflies which was pretty cool!

Why I recommend it

When I was there they had live music which they usually have. I think it’s only at the beginning of the week that they don’t have it. Then you can instead listen to music from the ’60s from vinyl records. I loved this vibe. And the furniture adds to the atmosphere. I was just super impressed, as you can tell! The atmosphere is amazing They really bet on the music here. It’s like every song is carefully chosen. But mostly, it makes you lose yourself in the atmosphere and in the world of music. It’s so different from music today. Don’t get me wrong, I love bouncing up and down to pop or have a drink at the rooftop bar in New York. It’s pretty hard to beat. But it’s just two different moods and two different realities in a way. I would recommend The Royal Cuckoo when you just want to relax by yourself or go on a date. The atmosphere was also friendly and people were just gathering to take in all the musical tunes. You feel the joy immediately when you walk in, I did at least. I think that’s just the effect that this type of music has on you. It’s definitely one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, and even among the bars and lounges, I have visited when I’ve traveled. That means it’s pretty good!

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