The Restaurant & Food Scene in Toronto

Toronto has an amazing food scene
Toronto’s food scene is one of the best I have ever experienced! The variation of food and restaurants is incredible. The city is divided into different areas with their own special cuisines and you’ll find everything from Italian and Mexican to Portuguese, Greek, and Chinese food. These small blocks have their own charm while the incredibly decorated and large restaurants blend with the city’s skyscrapers in the center’s middle. 

Toronto’s Restaurant Way

A restaurant in Toronto Toronto has everything when it comes to food and you can definitely find something for everyone – no matter the taste. What impressed me a lot was the size of so many restaurants and just the variation in general. So much tasty food in one place is pretty rare. At least I haven’t experienced many places like this. You have of course New York’s famous brunch places (oh yes and cupcakes yum!) and they have a big food scene as well. The cities are completely different though. Even with a lot of restaurants in the city center, Toronto is built differently. The street spaces are open and it rarely gets too crowded – even though there are a lot of tourists visiting. Except for when the Blue Jays are playing – Toronto’s baseball team. It’s usually easy getting a table but might be a good idea to go earlier on weekends. And if there is a game – baseball, football, ice hockey – then make sure you get there earlier if you want to eat. Or of course, some hot wings or a burger and beer can always go with a game! Those days are fun! Torontonians love their food. I love how they are always outside, eating, and socializing.

What to expect


Typical Toronto snacks

A specialty in Toronto is the famous poutine. It’s more of a snack instead of a dish actually but it’s so worth trying! Poutine is basically french fries with gravy and melted cheese. Sometimes they also add extra stuff in there but that’s the classic.

Delicious food in a nice atmosphere

Right in the city center, you’ll find Earl’s Kitchen + Bar Restaurant. The space outside is beautiful with a large space inside and they have delicious drinks. I usually do the fruity ones and they made me a nice one every time! Once you’re there, you also have to try the Bibimpap – it was to die for! Earl’s Restaurant isn’t the only one that’s nicely decorated with awesome food and drinks. You’ll find one of these – but slightly different of course – on almost every corner in the city center and even outside. I was amazed by how many places there were to eat and that was so pretty! And if you want to go to have a chill night – there are more than enough of those to go around!

Variation of food

As I mentioned before, there is so much food everywhere. Toronto has its own China Town and you’ll find Little Italy and Little Greece, not far from St. Clair and Oakwood in the north part of the center. Near this area, you’ll also find a lot of Latin and Spanish flavors. Lastly, the Kensington Market was awesome! It’s like a little world of its own. You’ll find all kinds of food with several vegan and vegetarian cozy restaurants. It’s a relaxed, urban area with lots of mini markets. Overall, the restaurant and food scene in Toronto is incredible! And usually, the service is really good too. Enjoy!

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