New York – A Winter Wonderland

New York Christmas Tree

For many of us, it is a dream to visit New York. Arguably one of the greatest cities in the world. As a New Yorker myself, I often take this city for granted. All of the hustle and bustle, living this fast-paced lifestyle in the city that never sleeps can altogether be overwhelming at times. Even so, for me, it’s a city of dreams, and I wanted to take some time out of my day to reflect on a few days spent last Christmas walking the streets of my city and for once, taking time to appreciate it. 

New York view from plane

Back in late November 2019, one of my dearest friends from England came to visit me. Approaching the festive season, she arrived at the perfect time. The festivities had begun. With the temperature starting to drop; the Christmas lights shining those festive colors of deep red and green; and most importantly of all, the Rockefeller center had its tree in its annual spot, proudly standing tall above all New Yorkers. She has arrived at the most wonderful time of the year and I had time to stop, enjoy the characteristics of this iconic city, and now I want to inspire you to take that trip of a lifetime and come to visit. I hope that I can convince you!

Becoming a tourist in your own city

I am sure that we have all had that feeling when you are so caught up in work, amongst other commitments, that when a friend messages you to say that they’re coming to visit then you think about where you will find the time to host them. Except, what I recommend to you is to take some time away from your daily routine and seize the moment. Take some time out with brunch in one of my top recommended places.

Allow me to explain… one of my most treasured moments from this time was one evening that I and my friend took a walk to the Rockefeller center to admire the spectacular Christmas tree as of course, this is a must-see if it is your first time visiting New York at this time of the year. Out of the blue, my friend asked if we could go into the nearby toy store, FAO Schwarz. Now usually this is not somewhere that I would generally visit when passing as I am after all, middle-aged. Be that as it may, at that moment I felt like Kevin McCallister from the film Home Alone: Lost in New York. That magical scene where he walks into the toy store, and suddenly his imagination comes to light.

That’s the thing with New York, you could simply just walk around the city, experiencing something different lying around each corner.

Big Teddy Bear

This is New York – you need to research and plan

If it is your first trip to the Big Apple, then my advice is to do your research first. TripAdvisor lists near enough everything there is to do in New York City. There is an abundance of places to visit, things to do, places to eat, shows to see, the list goes on.

Let us take the Statue of Liberty, for example. You could spend half a day taking the ferry to visit the island but you can see it from the One World Observatory or a little tip, if you use the New York red bus tour, you will have a ferry trip included within the price which provides panoramic views of the statue. Longing to watch a Broadway show? Do not buy your tickets before you arrive. Head to the ticket office on Times Square any night of the week and you’ll be able to pick up discounted tickets there.

So take some time to have a look, and shortlist those that are a must-see for you. For the Christmas period, in particular, Tripster provides the best recommendations.

You will never have enough time to see everything. However, make sure that you at least experience those on your bucket list.

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