Manhattan Beach: The laid back part of Los Angeles

I’m a New Yorker without a doubt but sometimes I love to fly across the country to L.A land and my favorite part to hang out there is Manhattan Beach. It’s got a great small-town vibe and everyone is relaxed and very laid back. It’s very different from New York and I love to go there for a few days from time to time! Here are some of my tips for the area! 

Manhattan Beach and its food scene

As I’ve mentioned before I am a foodie! There’s nothing better than eating good food with great company. In Manhattan Beach, there is a great choice of amazing restaurants. There is literally food from every corner of the earth there so something for everyone! If you are spending time in Manhattan instead of Manhattan beach you should check out my article about brunch spots here!  For a great vibe and delicious food with the biggest drinks, I’ve ever seen you should visit Rock’N Fish just next to the Manhattan Beach pier. The service is impeccable and the owner can often be seen waiting on tables and ensuring the diners are happy and satisfied. I really cannot recommend this restaurant enough! Their menu is full of American favorites but with locally sourced ingredients! Another place to try with absolutely delicious food is Salt and Lemon. This is an Italian inspired restaurant and you can find all the Italian classics here. The food is very well prepared and you feel extremely welcomed by the whole team at this beautiful place. From their terrace, you can see the ocean and the vibe is relaxed. Don’t miss to try one of their delicious pasta dishes. Manhattan Beach

The beach and a healthy lifestyle

Well, obviously one of the main reasons to visit California for me is to spend some quality time at the beach. Manhattan Beach is absolutely perfect, there is so much space and you can soak in the sun in a chair or go for a long walk in the sand. I also love to do my morning yoga at the beach. What I also like to do is go for a run or a walk on the boardwalk. There are so many beautiful houses all along the way and you can’t help but wish you owned one of them! That would be a dream come true for sure. I’m hopeful that it’ll happen one day. Like most of California, the population of Manhattan Beach is sporty and health-conscious and this is reflected all over town. I think this is great, it motivates me to be a bit more like that as well. It seems as though they have found the secret formula. Maybe it’s the constant sunshine and perfect climate that do the trick? Most of the time I’m traveling there by myself but after visiting a few times I’ve gotten to know people and now I always have someone to meet up with when I go there and I love it! If you haven’t already visited Manhattan Beach you really should!

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