Best places for brunch in New York

The best places for brunch in New York

New York is by far the best place for brunch! It is a Saturday and Sunday ritual that no New Yorker misses. Of course, there are plenty of options in the city but here I’ll give you my favorite ones. These are the best places for brunch in New York according to me! 

Why brunch is so popular

Weekends are literally made for brunch, the concept became popular in the 1930s in the states but it’s been said that it originally was mentioned in England. But this doesn’t really matter! What matters is the fact that it’s great that you can pop into any restaurant on a Saturday or Sunday and enjoy breakfast foods until 4pm! Amazing! If you’re looking for a book to bring along to brunch take The Glass Hotel by Emily St John Mandel. It's brunch time


It’s hard to tell which place actually cares about cooking great food as most outlets serve midday dining options. So it has taken me a few good years to find the best spots. And trust me, I’ve tried a lot!

In Manhattan, you shouldn’t miss Jakob’s Pickles. This is one of the best places for brunch in New York. Despite the name, they have a lot more options than just pickles! Do try their egg dishes, all of them are amazing. Expect to wait as this is a very popular place on the Upper Eastside.

Victor’s café is the next place I’d recommend to you! This is an amazing menu with wonderful decor, it has lots of colorful art and a tropical feel. It’s not your ordinary brunch spot, they even do live music here. A proper way to wake up! The restaurant first opened in 1963 and serves Cuban dishes! Don’t miss their dishes Ropa Vieja or Lechon Asado!

In the West Village, you find Jack’s Wife Freda. Another very popular spot for brunch. I love that their dishes are so delicious but not too heavy, meaning you have just the right energy for a stroll through the city after brunch! Again, as with most places in New York, you’ll have to be prepared to queue for your place together with a lot of very fashionably dressed people. But it is so with it! Eggs Benedict

 Best places for brunch in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become more and more popular and is a great place for a tasty brunch! The options are endless and you’ll be mixing with a hip young crowd.

My first recommendation for places across the bridge is Fausto! An Italian place with the most delicious pancakes with lemon and ricotta. These are something out of this world and you need to try them if you go there! They also serve a couple of pasta dishes and an exquisite duck with polenta for the person who is more into salty foods for brunch!

Last but not least on my best places for brunch list is MeMe’s Diner! I love this place, it’s a small diner opened by co-owners Bill Clar and Libby Willis in 2017. A very friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Do make sure you try the savory waffles topped with smoked salmon, pickled red onion, and capers.

I have one more tip for you and it is to be patient and don’t go to brunch starving. Most likely you’ll have to wait in line for a while! But once you’re in, enjoy the best places for brunch in New York!

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