Belize and ecotourism at its best

Beautiful Belize and ecotourism
I have been on an amazing adventure. Well before the pandemic and lockdown happened. I’ve been wanting to tell you about it and finally, I think it’s time. Belize is the way to go if you want to experience nature and ecotourism at its best. It’s my new favorite destination and if you continue reading I’m sure you’re going to be intrigued as well by Belize and ecotourism. 

Belize and its location

Belize is in the Caribbean so there’s no surprise that there is a lot of sunshine there. To the east, there is a dense jungle for the person looking for a real adventure. On the coastline, you can also find a lot of islands, some very small but some are bigger. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a relaxed holiday or a more adventurous one this is the perfect destination!  My guide to the best bruchspots in New York could be of help if you’re planning a holiday closer to home and not to Belize and ecotourism. 

Belize and ecotourism

Since I love all things eco I decided I wanted to stay at a nice hotel but that is eco-friendly. And to be honest there’s no problem finding just that. Most hotels do their fair share to protect the amazing nature in Belize. Belize and ecotourism definitely go hand in hand and you could practically say that ecotourism was born there! This makes visiting this spectacular country even more special! Belize I was in Belize for two weeks, and obviously, I wanted to experience as much as I could. So I decided to stay for a week at the coast and then spend another week in the rainforest. Without a doubt the best plan.

Belize and ecotourism – the coast and the jungle

My stay at the coast was actually on a private island. The resort, Cayo Espanto, was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have picked a better place. It is very luxurious and classy but not pretentious at all. I loved it there because my plan for this week was to unwind completely and just relax. I had my own private villa right on the water. It was heaven! Belize and ecotourism as its best!  If you wanted to, the hotel could plan individual trips for you to do more than just chilling in the sun. My next stop was Black Rock Lodge. A hotel located high up in Macal and the perfect gate to Belize and ecotourism in the area. I decided to be a bit more active this week and went horseback riding to Vaca Falls. A mesmerizing experience that I’d definitely tell you to do if you are in the area. Riding in the dense jungle and then arriving at the falls was just so stunning. My most memorable experience was visiting the old Maya ruins Caracol. This is the largest and the most important ruin of them all. I had a great guide who knew so much about the place and this really made everything much more enjoyable. There are plenty of great things to read if you’re planning a trip to Belize! If you are into ecotourism and nature you won’t be disappointed and I’d recommend that you visit this wonderful country as soon as you can!

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