My mediterranean diet to prepare my summer 2021 !

Mediterranean Diet

It can be hard to find the perfect diet. Can’t eat, or not tasty enough. Choices are multiple but not always the best. But don’t worry, here is the perfect balance between the taste, the quality, and the low-calories. The Mediterranean diet!

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet includes all the typical food from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The influences come from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and the North African countries. So the specialties are different, but they have a common base. Olive oil and fresh fruits or vegetables. From that, you can prepare any healthy recipe, without stopping you to enjoy it! In this case, the word “diet” doesn’t mean to stop eating at all. In fact, it’s much more similar to a new approach in order to learn how to eat properly using fresh food. Forget about counting calories in each plate you make.


Why is the Mediterranean diet healthy?

Mediterranean Diet Healthy

First, it’s light. Mostly based on vegetables and fruits, the Mediterranean diet offers you complete dishes on low calories’ basis, reducing considerably your cholesterol and fat level. But everything is not about calories. The Mediterranean diet has other benefits to offer you, such as a healthier heart and a stronger brain. Its recipes based on fish, olive oil, and whole grains make it rich in omega 3, vitamins, iron, and carbohydrates. The perfect mix to ensure you a healthy life and a well-prepared immune system. So directly or indirectly, the Mediterranean will have a positive impact on your blood pressure and arteries. It also has a positive impact on your abilities to focus.


Healthy and tasty

Mediterannean Diet tasty

As mentioned before, the Mediterranean diet is really healthy. But it can be really tasty as well. Some of the Mediterranean recipes are actually recognized as the best dishes in the world. It may be because of the perfect mix between fresh legumes, vegetables, and fish. The whole coming with fine olive oil and fresh herbs. Amazing. You also can find some fantastic salads. With fresh vegetables (you can add some fruits), you can easily compose a colorful and tasty salad, enjoying all the benefits of each ingredient. With its olive oil, of course.


The recipe that caught our attention

Mediterranean Diet Greek Salad

Even if there is a huge choice, there is one recipe that caught our attention. The Greek Salad. This classic Mediterranean diet is just so good that we could have it every day for lunch. And because we love you, we couldn’t finish the article without sharing the recipe.

Be aware that your salad will be ready to eat in 20 minutes. Here are the ingredients you will need:

4 tomatoes

1 cucumber

1 green capsicum

1/2 onion

6 blacks olives

200g feta cheese 


Once you sliced and placed all the ingredients on the plate, you can dress it with:

60ml olive oil

Oregano and Annette herbs


I hope that you will enjoy our Mediterranean recipe. If you are looking for some more ideas check our last article about Christmas food around the world.

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