White Clothes During Fall: A Big No-No?

White clothes can always be worn, according to me. But I know that there are a lot of people who don’t like wearing white during fall – especially late fall. In September it seems to be okay when the weather is still pretty warm but then the other colors take over. I love wearing white clothes, even when it’s windy or rainy outside. Nothing wrong with creating your own trends, right? Let me tell you why I think white clothes should be added to the closet in the fall.  White clothes are always in fashion

White clothes brighten your day

Maybe it’s just me but white clothes brighten my day. Especially toward the end of fall or when the weather is kind of blah! If I know that I have to go to work and the weather is chillier, putting on a white fall dress makes me feel better immediately. In an instant, I can combine it with some fall-colored makeup or even go toward a red color for lipstick. Then I love combining it with a red fall coat or a black coat and maybe some red ankle boots if I feel a little daring that day. It’s all about experimenting for me and that’s the fun part of fashion! There are fall trends that I absolutely love, yet when it comes to white outfits, I make my own!

White clothes look classy in fall

It looks classy to wear white. I love looking elegant when I’m going to work or when I’m meeting my friends for dinner or drinks. One of my favorite items for fall is the white coat! It looks so good and goes with just about everything! At the beginning of the fall, I like having a dress or even white, classy pants. As the fall months get a bit colder, in October and November, I bring out the white coat or change to warmer white clothes. And I white, cozy sweater is never wrong, right? Which brings me to…

Being cozy in white on rainy days

Stay cozy and comfortable in the fall Okay so wearing white clothes in winter is actually awesome when you go on a ski trip. But on those rainy days inside, or when you go on a weekend getaway with your man or friends and stay in the lake cabin – it’s perfect. Just sitting by the fireplace and having either hot cocoa, warm tea, or a glass of red wine – you can feel cozy while looking good. I like feeling pretty even when I’m indoors so that’s why I like wearing clothes that make me feel good. And don’t get me started on the white, fluffy socks! Okay, so that’s maybe better for winter but that depends on how cold it is where you are. The sooner I can wear those – honestly, the better! So this is why I love white clothes and think always say yes to buying and wearing them. I get a lot of fashion inspiration from different places, like blogs and social media. So here’s to a cozy fall that’s coming up and white clothes to go with it!

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