5 outfit ideas for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

The day to celebrate love is fast approaching. “But wait, I’m not ready for Valentine’s Day!” Congratulations if you already have your plans for Valentine’s Day. I’m impressed, you are super prepared. Albeit, I am sure that you have not found the time to even think about what you will wear. Fear not, I am here to help. Whether you go all out for the special day, or simply don’t have the cash to buy something new to wear, I have some outfit ideas that you may already have in your wardrobe.

OTT Valentine’s Day outfit

An over the top outfit may sometimes come with a hefty price tag. Considering that we usually would wear this outfit for only one night, it may seem like an idle way to spend money. Not all of us can afford to shop at the most expensive brands. Micheal Ginnerskov Jensen has found a solution. Consider this as an option to buying your Valentine’s Day outfit, or alternatively, rent a designer dress that you can simply return after your date.

For the reason that Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year, I believe that it is the perfect excuse to dress up to the nines. Pick the most lavish dress you can find and show your partner how amazing you can really look. Bring some sparkle to your date night with a sequin dress. Alternatively, choose a cut-out dress with a low V neck or cut-out back. Add a pair of sheer tights and heels, for a sophisticated sexy look. This is the outfit of choice if you have dinner plans on Valentine’s Day and are arranging something special for the day.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Dress

Understated Valentine’s Day outfit

On the other hand, if you feel like toning it down a little, then opt for a more subtle look. I have two personal favourites here. Firstly, search for a midi slip dress that you can team with a plain top underneath. The cute details on the dress itself will accentuate your outfit, such as buttons, satin material, or a slit up the side for a touch of seduction. Secondly, we have flare bottoms. What I love about these pants is that they are comfortable yet stylish. Dress up a red pair of statement flares teamed with a blouse for a refined look.

Zoom call date

In view of the current situation with regards to restaurants closing, etc, maybe you have a virtual date planned? If this is the case then this is no excuse not to get dressed up this Valentine’s Day. What is important here is what you wear on top. After all, this is all that they will be able to see! As you will remain warm at home, wear a crop top or cardigan with high waisted jeans. Show a little skin this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Crop Top

On the other hand, choose a dainty feminine top with white jeans. This is the perfect option if you are not too keen on wearing the traditional colours of red this Valentine’s Day. A french blue top with frills, or an off the shoulder cut. To achieve an even sexier look, wear a lace bustier top, like this one by Urban Outfitters.

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