Mad Feelings is giving back

So I just heard about Mad Feelings. The more I read about them the more I feel really inspired and new ideas are starting to form in my brain. I’ve never been super into fashion. During my childhood, I went through a couple of different eras like the 70s with their flared pants and colorful tops. I also had kind of a hip hop period with baggy clothes and caps. But never have I been into spending my money on expensive brands that are no more than just that; brands. Now I feel change is coming though.

What is Mad Feelings?

Mad Feelings is an e-commerce store that sells everything between clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry for spring, summer, fall, and winter. They have brands like Aussie, Fila, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Superdry, Helena Rubenstein and so many more. When looking at their website I could establish that they seemed to have almost anything within fashion for both men and women.

Most of their brands are not new to me. I’ve heard about them but never really cared enough to buy something from them. I mean the products aren’t the cheapest and I’ve just never felt the need to show off with fancy things like that.

As I’ve gotten older I find myself looking for clothes that really fit me and my body instead of the other way around. Through my younger years, I changed style and taste A LOT but now I feel like I don’t have to choose one particular style, I can wear them all as I like. Therefore it’s safer now to buy some more costly products if I have the money for them and find them tasteful.

Fashion from Mad Feelings

Mad Feelings Club

This e-commerce is not just a store that sells expensive brands. The really intriguing thing about Mad Feelings for me is their club. Most stores have their own customer club nowadays with the idea of creating a strong fanbase and an opportunity for customers to receive special deals. And yeah, it can be worth it for sure. But many times I personally just don’t have the interest in signing up to a club cause I just don’t feel I’ll gain so much from it.

This club is different though! Mad Feelings has a very innovative idea where every customer can join through a trial offer and receive a gift card worth 39-49 euros by only paying the delivery fee. With this gift card, they can then choose to purchase whatever they want at the store. They can also cancel the membership anytime. But that is not the best part. The absolute best about Mad Feelings is their donation program. This program encourages people to empower people in need and reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion.

So how does it work? When you buy a product from the Mad Feelings webshop with your monthly gift card you can enjoy the item until you get tired of it. The minimum time is 6 months though, but after those months you can choose if you want to donate your item to a charity of your choice. If you donate it you’ll get a new gift card with the same value as your donated purchase. Then you can buy something new knowing that your donated item is getting a second life!

Entertainment just for you!

It’s not only fashion you can buy with your Mad Feelings gift card. You can even choose between different sorts of entertainment services like music and podcasts, TV streaming, newspapers and magazines, and e-books. You can try out all of these services for a limited time for free so you know it’s really worth your money. Isn’t that just freaking great!

Makeup at Mad Feelings

I’ve always been a sucker for make-up. And with that, I mean the really good stuff. The cost is not the most important factor when it comes to what I choose to put on my face. I need quality and quality is not depending on the price I’ve learned. Looking at Mad Feelings webshop I’m almost drooling at the sight of all the products I want to buy. This category is by far the most interesting to me so check it out and I promise you won’t regret it!

One of my favorite brands when it comes to make-up is Bourjois. It’s definitely an affordable brand with really nice colors and quality for the money. At Mad Feelings you can find their products for your lips, face, eyes, and brows.

At Mad Feelings you'll be able to find all kinds of makeup

Fashion, oh the fashion

I can’t NOT mention clothes when I’m writing about Mad Feelings. After all, it’s the clothes that are in focus on their store. I’m happy to discover that they don’t only sell elegant and classy items but also sports outfits and more comfortable wearing as well. One of their more sporty brands is Adidas. I’ve always liked Adidas cause their items just fit my body somehow which is great.

With the Mad Feelings Club, I feel more doors are opening up when it comes to fashion and my personal shopping habits. Like I’ve already mentioned I often don’t invest in high-priced items when it comes to what I wear. With the #nbforabetterworld program, I feel like I could buy a more expensive item without the bad conscience, which unfortunately often follows, knowing I can donate it if I ever get tired of it. It’s also for a good cause which doesn’t make it less appealing.

One thing I also really like about their site is the collections. They have 3 different collections for make-up, 3 for women’s fashion, and 3 for men. The make-up collections are called Cutting Edge, Break Through, and Absolutely Gorgeous. The fashion collections for women are called Dress to Impress, Mind-Blowing, Stunning Look and the men’s’ are Conquer the World, Turn it Around, and Keep it up. Within every collection, you have a complete finished look, including make-up for women, accessories, and perfume, to just put in your shopping bag and press “purchase”.

Mad Feelings accessories

I just LOVE Michael Kors. It all started when I got a Micheal Kors wallet as a birthday present from my sister. It was my first exclusive brand that I’ve ever owned. The red leather with the golden details felt really expensive and elegant. After that, I started to look for more accessories like their watches, handbags, and more. The bags have really become my new obsession and if I could afford them I would have a whole collection of them for sure! At Mad Feelings, you can find some of the most beautiful bags by Michael Kors.


Perfume is not my biggest interest although I very much appreciate a nice scent. I’m very picky when it comes to perfumes and can’t stand an overpowering odor which makes my eyes watery and my nose itchy. According to me, a perfume should be worn like a very fine accessory, like some discrete earrings or a tasteful bracelet. Everything is of course depending on the occasion also. I usually use around 4 different perfumes in my daily life. 1 is for when I’m at work, 1 is for when I’m free but still want to smell a bit fresh, 1 is for when I want to change my regular one a bit and the 4th is for dinner or a night out. Mad Feelings has many perfumes to choose from and with your gift card you can try different ones to keep things interesting.


One item I’ve also gotten more interested in is sunglasses. They’re really such a fun accessory that can make a big difference to your overall outfit. It can lift it or drag it down. I usually try to have fun with my accessories by mixing and matching old with new, classy with chill, chunky with elegant, and so on. I just love the contrasts and the look it creates. Recently I’ve also been trying to purchase more colorful items. Colors are fun and give you a lot of energy.

Trendy sunglasses

Bags at Mad Feelings

Bags, bags, and bags. When I was younger I never understood the obsession many females had when it came to bags and shoes. Now I do. Bags are also an accessory that can totally complete an outfit and make it exciting. Enough with playing it safe. Be bold and choose different colors, fun details, and different fabrics. The good thing with more expensive bags is that they often have excellent quality and therefore can have a really long life if you treat them well. As I’ve already mentioned Michael Kors is a big favorite of mine when it comes to bags but I also like Guess, Moschino, and Fila for a more sporty look. You can find so many different brands at Mad Feelings which makes it a lot easier when you’re looking for a specific item. It’s almost like shopping in a mall but from home, isn’t that convenient!


When it comes to jewelry I’ve lived by the mantra less is more. That can be awesome, sometimes, but I’ve now decided to be bolder when I feel the vibe. I’ll still choose my jewelry with big care but I’ll try to mix it up with different sizes, colors, and designs. Fashion and accessories are something that should be fun and express who you are for the day. My advice to you is to feel free to make choices only for yourself. As long as you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing it can never go wrong.

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