Honest Kiss Review: Shopping and Membership

Honest Kiss is a brand I just stumbled upon and I am pretty impressed! So I wanted to take the time to write a review and share the goodies! Their website is filled with awesome products from well-known brands and they have an exciting Members Club! I am really liking this one because of the many benefits. Yay!  

Firstly, I’m really liking how easy it is to navigate through the Honest Kiss’ website. When I first started browsing through the site, it felt happy and welcoming which is always a big plus. Everything looked so pretty and colorful. They have clothes from brands such as Adidas, Armani, Jimmy Choo, and Versace just to name a few. And they’re all super discounted!

I love the fact that Honest Kiss actually has things that I actually want for a much lower price. Nothing cheap about their selection – which is awesome. I find that often times when brands and shops have discounts, the selection is less than good. So they get another plus because of their nice selection.

This is what I have found to be the best things about Honest Kiss…

Happiness in clothes, makeup, and accessories

My favorite things


I found everything from nice purses to makeup from my favorite brands such as Elisabeth Arden, Bourjois, and Dr. Hauschka! Some of the goodies I especially like are Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder Compact and the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Volume Mascara. I love these products so I was really happy when I found them! The mascara is one of my absolute favorite mascaras because it’s gentle and separates the eyelashes and makes them perfectly visible. Love!

Bourjois is another of my favorite brands and the fact that they have made a powder that takes care of the skin is great! It has important vitamins such as vitamin E which is really good for the skin. It’s great to have in the summer and for getting rid of shine. I don’t know about you but my face gets shiny in the summer and with the heat a lot. And the only shine I want is if I chose to put on a highlighter or bronzing shine powder or spray.

So I found some nice makeup in general on the Honest Kiss website. I like that they have both colorful eyeshadows and other makeup that is more basic and simple. It’s great because everyone has a different taste I also choose makeup depending on my mood. I think many of us do that! Also, I really love the lip products I found on their website. 


They have some really nice accessories too. Some of my favorites are the Michael Kors watches. I think they are elegant and the feminine color touches make them so pretty! They also have other accessories that are simple yet stand out. You’ll find colorful earrings, necklaces, rings, and sunglasses.

I found some nice purses and bags as well that come in a lot of variations. I found pretty bags with basic colors from Armani that go with practically anything. Then I found more colorful pieces from the Spanish brand Desigual if you like more color.


So when it comes to clothes I found a lot of nice things. Honest Kiss has clothes for both men and women which is a great option to have since they are normally more focused on women’s fashion.

So to the point. I found some great basics from Calvin Klein and Adidas that I really liked. They also have a lot of basics from Levi´s. I do like my basics and love dressing up too of course but those simple but classy t-shirts and sweat-shirts are always good to have. I enjoy shopping for clothes that can be worn during several seasons.

Then I found some nice dresses too. There was a brand called Kappa that I’ve actually never heard of and they have some nice tops. So overall, shopping with Honest Kiss seems great. It’s easy and not too messy. There are not hundreds of pages that you have to go through which is good.

The Honest Kiss Club

The Honest Kiss Club has so many things they offer when you become a member. I haven’t tried them out yet but there is a lot. Usually, when you become a member at a store, you get discounts on your purchases and maybe some bonus points too. What I like is that you get some free stuff to start with and then you also get access to fitness discounts, styling, music and movie streaming services! Honest Kiss Gift Box

Honest Kiss Membership Process

So you sign up on their website and become a member first. Once you’ve done that, you get a free gift card code that you can spend on a gift box. So you get a gift box for free with several to choose from. The only thing you pay for is shipping. Pretty sweet!

What I also find great is that you get a trial period for the gift card. Normally, your card gets renewed each month and you can spend the money on whatever you like. You get access to a special section called Honest Kiss & Me where you’ll find products only for members. That made me feel pretty special!

Once you sign up and choose your gift box with the gift card, you can choose to stay a member or not. I like the option here so that you don’t feel that you have to be a member to get the free gift box. Sure, you pay for shipping but that’s still pretty good. Besides, I love presents!

So the fact that you can get the gift box and are not obligated to anything is a great thing. It feels transparent and I like to have that option.

Some of the things you’ll get with Honest Kiss

Then, if you choose to stay a member, your gift card gets renewed every month and you can continue shopping.

Now to another part that I love! I know, I know, I’m super excited about this. But like I said: I love presents! Here, you actually pay for the membership every month that’s true. But for someone who loves listening to music, watching shows, and reading, this part of the membership really caught my attention at first.

Honest Kiss gives you the option to have to get Spotify or Storytel for example for only 1.00 € per month. I love music and normally I pay 9.99 € each month for Spotify. And listen to the best part: you can sign up for five of the services. Now it’s not like they have a hundred or so which means that it’s really generous. They have around 10 services so you get access to about half of those!

Next…every six months you can donate a product that you don’t want anymore to charity. Everything that is bought from the section “Honest Kiss & Me” counts except for makeup and beauty products. So clothing, shoes, bags for example.

When you do that, you get a receipt and then send in a copy to their customer service. Once they have received it, you are refunded with the same amount that you purchased your product for. There is a limit on how much you are refunded which is 150 €. That’s actually really nice! So basically you can donate several items as long as it’s less than that amount. Then you are free to shop again!

I think it’s such a nice thing to have a donation program. I love giving to charities and companies that do the same. It just makes me trust them more in a way and feel more connected to them. When people are kind and giving, I want to be around them. It’s the same with companies. I always take a look at what they stand for and what their values are.

I believe that if you gove to the less fortunate and those who need help then it says a lot about you. So, that’s probably the biggest bonus according to me. I am sooo happy to have discovered Honest Kiss

The final thing I love about Honest Kiss

Except for everything I just mentioned, you can also get your own personal trainer or personal stylist. That’s so awesome! The personal stylist is a virtual one – thank God for the digital world today, no? So you can get either a personal trainer or a stylist for a discounted price. Then, you work together on a plan – whether it’s a fashion or makeup goal or a fitness one.

They also have beauty and fashion courses you can take to educate yourself within those fields. If you love reading then there are several big magazines that you can subscribe to for 1€ again. My favorites are ELLE Magazine, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

Honestly, I think that Honest Kiss has one of the best memberships I have found within a brand or shop. I think it’s so great that they offer so many things and that everything is so straightforward and simple. It feels like they give more than they take which is good.

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