Fall trends to keep you warm and fashionable

I love fall trends

I love following the latest fashion trends and this year I’m a bit extra excited for the fall season because we are seeing so many interesting and wearable options. I really like the fashion scene at the moment and here I’m listing a few of the fall trends that’ll keep you both warm and fashionable when the season is changing. 

Easy to wear

It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed and bombarded with information when you are trying to look for the trends for the next season so I wanted to make it easier for you by keeping them all here together.

What I love most about the fashion scene and the fall trends is that there are so many great things to choose from and they are all wearable. I sometimes feel as though fashion is just out of this world and very difficult to wear for the average person but both you and I are lucky! If you’re looking for the best places to use these trends you should check out my article about top brunch spots in New York

What you should wear to be spot on

My absolute favorite this fall is the puffy sleeve top! By using a top with a really puffy sleeve you have elevated your outfit with minimal effort and can easily go from day to night with this. Match it with a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of heels and you are ready for every situation! Also, think the bigger the better! 

Leather is the next big thing of the fall trends for 2020. It doesn’t matter what garment you prefer in leather as long as you use it somewhere. But something that you can never go wrong with is a leather skirt! If you prefer to use fake leather it is also very trendy! So no need to spend your whole budget to get the right look. It’s also great for everyone who cares about animals or is vegan. 

Fringes are also a huge trend that shouldn’t be missed! You could easily combine the leather and the fringe trend with a leather jacket with fringes! That’s a great look! If you want to play it a bit more safe go for a scarf with fringes and you’ll be both warm and fashionable. The perfect mix. 

Sparkling shoes can give life to your fall trend outfit

If you love to dress up and look fabulous on a night out or for special occasions this is the season for you. The fall trends this year are saying that glitter and glamour are musts that you can’t go without! Wear a sequin dress on your night out with your girlfriends or a long golden dress for a more fancy occasion! You’ll look and feel fabulous and it really takes minimal effort. 

My favorite of all fall trends 2020

Last but absolutely not least we have plaid! This pattern is my favorite, you can never go wrong with plaid. I use it even when it’s not fashionable. Therefore I’m very happy that I can use it to keep me warm during this fall! I love a good coat in plaid. That’s so stylish and it is the garment I’d recommend to everyone. But use plaid on whatever you like. If you feel brave you can even mix different plaid patterns for a very interesting look. 

I hope you find this article inspiring and think these fall trends are as wearable as I do!

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