My favorite things to do in the spring

My favorite things to do in the spring

Finally, the dark and gloomy days of the winter are ending, and in comes the spring! After the longest year that’s ever been recorded, I think we are all ready for new and lighter times. Let’s hope this season will bring us joy and a feeling of a fresh start. As I’m pretty pumped up for the new season, I felt it was only right to list a few of the things I’m looking most forward to. What are you most excited about? 

Seeing nature come to life 

After the snow melts, the flowers peek through. That’s a little bit how I feel now as well, peeking my head out of the window wondering if it’s time to wear my spring clothes. This time of year I just love to have a walk around in nature. Feeling the warmer temperature on my skin, and knowing that I only need to bring a thin jacket. Soaking up the new atmosphere that comes with the spring feels like recharging the soul. And I think that is something a lot of us can need after a hard year. After being inside for so long just binging TV shows on Netflix, it’s nice to see the bright sunlight and just take in the new and hopefully brighter time that is to come. Take the time to smell flowers as you pass them by, it’s so important to cherish the smaller things. 

Planting flowers on my balcony

I love having plants on the balcony in spring

Alright, so I don’t have a garden – but there is still plenty one can do with a smaller area. This year I have more plans than ever for this. I’m still preparing myself for limited outdoor activities this year. So having a pretty balcony and outdoor area at home has become more important than ever. Unfortunately, I was never blessed with green fingers, but my fingers still know how to search google for good tips. I know have a list of plants, herbs, and seeds I wish to plant in my tiny area. Let’s see how long they last, hopefully through the season! I can’t wait to just sit on my balcony, surrounded by plants reading a good book. 

But first! Spring cleaning! 

Before anything else, I need to declutter and organize. Starting first with my wardrobe. Time to pack away those big wool sweaters and focus on this year’s fashion trends for the spring. A lot of people do this type of cleaning right after New Years’ even, myself I like to wait till the last minute. I also like to redecorate the home. Changing darker shade pillowcases for example with a lighter more summerly design. There are so many ways to make your home a more spring-friendly living area. Not only do I like a lot of plants on my balcony, but I add a ton of greenery elsewhere as well. I love hanging green plants that take up a lot of space. It’s just such an easy way to decorate your home and make it feel like spring inside as well. 

Spring feeling with plants inside

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