Smart watches: Are they essential?

Smart watches are a new necessity
Smart watches are on everyone’s lips nowadays. It’s one of those things that some find absolutely essential and others seem to think it’s a complete waste of money. My personal opinion is that it’s a great gadget. They have so many functions and can tell you a lot of things about your wellbeing and health.  There are many smart watches out there

What are smart watches?

Of course, it is more than just a time teller! The functions you can find in smartwatches today are mind-blowing. They will tell you your heart rate, steps, exact location and the liste goes on and on. It is definitely more than just a watch and can be used for so many great things. They are super simple to use and have a touchscreen. The data is directly transferred to your phone with minimal effort and everything is safely stored for you. It’s easy to analyze and see progress. Runners and sportsmen have been into this kind of tracking for a while already and the idea for smart watches originated from there. Of course with all the technology of today the development has been very fast and today it’s as much a fashion symbol as a functional watch. There’s always going to be a battle between brands of smart watches and I’m not going to get into which brand is the best. I think that’s up to everyone to decide based on their needs. However, be aware that if you choose a Samsung smart watch when you have an iPhone you might lose a few functions and the other way around. This is a great way of tracking your self-care time, I have written more about it here. Everyone can find a smart watch they like

My personal opinion

I have an Apple Watch which I got shortly after I heard my friend speak about it very highly. And honestly, I think it’s one of my best buys in the last few years. It has made me much more aware of how active I am. I love that it gives me a reminder to stand up every hour and that I can easily track my steps and my training. It is so easy to set goals with it and because I always have it on my wrist I can see how I’m doing at any given time. If you are hesitating whether to invest in smart watches or not I think you should. I have not regretted my purchase once and I feel as though it’s helping me in my everyday life. I no longer have the need to bring my phone with me when I’m going for a walk or run and that gives such a feeling of freedom! There are also a few things to remember when using smart watches. It’s so easy to get obsessed with closing all the daily goals and always performing better every day. But remember that listening to your body is always the most important. If you feel tired and out of energy you need to rest even if you haven’t reached your daily goal! But as long as you know this you will be fine!

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