Making sleep my priority: what I discovered

Making sleep my priority

Having been a light sleeper my whole life and having some trouble with my sleep I finally decided to do something about it. I was tired of alway feeling tired! Being without energy and skipping fun events or dinner with friends is simply not how I want to live! If I knew it was as easy as this I would have made some changes a while ago! But I have now made sleep my priority and I’m so happy about that

Not a challenge that can’t be overcome

Even though it might seem as though you need to work on your sleep a lot if you are a bad sleeper like me it might not be the case. I have just started making some adjustments in how I live and what I do and so far I can see progress. I now fall asleep much faster and don’t wake up as many times as before. It is truly a relief. Self-care is important

Sleep is very important

Making sleep my priority with small changes

We all hear that using your phone before going to bed is bad. In general, using anything with a screen will have a bad influence on your sleep. I’ve never really taken this seriously and thought that it can’t really be that bad. But I was so wrong, I have now for over a month made sleep my priority and put my phone away a couple of hours before going to bed. I notice a huge difference, I fall asleep faster! So this is my first tip for you. 

Read a book

This is seriously the best thing you can do, I mean I love to read books in general, but reading before bed really does relax you. It really works for me! And if you’re not a reader you might become one. I’ve just read a very interesting book that I can’t recommend enough!

Drink a cup of something warm

As a coffee lover, it’s always my go to, except when it comes to the evening. Stay away from coffee if you can and go for a nice chamomile tea. Or a cup of hot milk with honey and cinnamon – this gives me a lot of comfort. I can’t recommend it enough. Read a book

Making sleep my priority – set a schedule

Making sleep my priority by setting a schedule is by far the most effective change. I have been known for going to bed at all hours and my body never really knows what’s going on. Routines are great and especially for sleep! By going to bed and waking up at more or less the same time every day my body has gotten used to this and knows what’s going to happen. I do realize that this can be hard to achieve, especially with a busy life and social calendar but it’s so worth it in the long run!

Living in New York can at times be a bit stressful and I think that’s why I had trouble sleeping to begin with but now I can feel the energy flowing and I have a new appreciation for the smaller things! If you also are having trouble sleeping give these tips a try – it might help you too!

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