TV Show Review: Spanish Valeria

Netflix Tv Show Valeria
I love that Netflix has brought so many international TV shows to the site. I remember a few years ago when I wouldn’t even spend one minute on Netflix. And their original stuff – love! It turns out too that there are a lot of Spanish movies and TV shows that are awesome. This is one of my new, exciting discoveries so I want to talk a bit about this new relaxed, yet sometimes emotional, TV Show on Netflix. 

A TV Show that got me hooked right away

Maybe it’s just me but I love to watch a TV show or movie that’s unique and different in its own way. Where I can look at the screen and experience something that I haven’t before. I don’t mean emotions because we experience our emotions in cycles and they are always with us. I mean when you watch something that is interesting and draws you in because of its uniqueness. So this is what I love about the show. And don’t worry, I won’t spoil specific events so it’s safe to keep reading if you haven’t seen it. But I will mention what happens in general so if you don’t want to know about that, it’s better to watch the trailer instead. Valeria is a great tv show

Valeria is all about emotions, boredom, passion, and friendships

This is what pretty much summons it up – the four words in the title that says: emotions, boredom, passion, and friendships. The TV show is about a girl – or a young woman rather – that is a writer. She has her girl’s crew and is in a relationship. However, there is something missing in her life. Her book is missing spark and it’s mainly because her life is missing spark too. She soon discovers that passion can be found in the most unexpected places. Surprising for her too, she finds that she has had emotions that have been dormant – until she discovers them within her again. I love a good book so that I can visualize the characters but a good TV show always hits home!

A TV Show with a lot of character

I love the characters in this TV show. Everyone in Valeria’s friend circle has their own personality and is unique. They all stand out in their own way and you get to look into their lives closely too. Even if Valeria is the main character, it doesn’t really feel that way which I like. Instead, I would say that there are main themes and not characters. It’s a joy to watch because it’s funny and relatable. It also has drama but not in a too intense way. I like that. I’ve really found that Spanish shows have been great lately. From Casa de Papel (Money Heist) to Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) and many more I’ve seen recently. They are not the same as American shows – which by the way love – but it’s always nice with a change. So if you want to watch a TV show that is lighthearted, unique, and interesting – I truly recommend it. Valeria is a great show to watch by yourself or with your girls. It does awaken something within you, it did with me at least. I hope you enjoy it!

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