Summer novels to take you into the new season

I refuse to accept that summer is coming to an end! I’m going to deny it for a while longer. During the summer months, I love to read good novels. They are just so perfect for summer as they are heartwarming and very cute in my opinion. And of course, there’s always a happy ending! I love that! I’ve made a little list of my favorite summer novels for this year here. 

Make the memories of summer last longer

Even though the long warm days are coming to an end soon reading a nice summer novel will make you think of warmer and more carefree days. I love reading these kinds of books all year round but I think it’s a great way of brightening up the fall! Do you prefer other types of books? Check out my article about a great discovery for this year here! A good book gives you an opportunity to escape everyday life for a moment and is, in my opinion, the absolute best way of relaxing. If you are not much into reading I’d recommend that you listen to books instead. This is another way of entering the magic world of literature.

My top three summer novels this year

Summer novels always hit a sweet spot for me and I have read a lot more this year than any other due to the current situation. I’ve gathered my 5 favorite books here. Summer Novels

Summer novels – Beach Read by Emily Henry

If the title doesn’t give it away as the perfect book to read by the pool or the beach I don’t know what will. Two writers of very different genres both experience writer’s block. Augustus writes more complex literature while January is a romance novelist. For the summer the two strangers have rented houses at the beach next to each other and when they realize they are in the same situation they decide to swap manuscripts. As you’d expect things get really interesting! Don’t miss this one, it’s a great summer novel to read!

Hello Summer – Mary Kay Andrews

Again, it’s a title that just screams summer and I feel like it’s a book that should have been in everyone’s beach bag! A star reporter returns to a sleepy summer town and the local newspaper there. A huge scandal is about to be discovered and the story gets very interesting. This is without a doubt the perfect summer novel!

Summer Set – Aimee Agresti

An aging actor returns to the theatre in Berkshire where she started her acting career for the summer. The artistic director for the summer play is an old flame. Things get really heated when her biggest rival also hits the scene. This is when the real drama happens! This book is written in a funny way and is easy to read. I really think it’s a great pick for anyone who loves the theatre world. You won’t get disappointed. These summer novels will keep you warm on those rainy fall evenings and will sure bring back memories of your summer holidays.

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