Selling Sunset the third season

Selling Sunset is probably my favorite reality tv show of all time! I mean Hollywood, luxury real estate, good looking people, and drama. It can’t get much better than that! Here are my comments about the third season that aired on August 7, 2020, on Netflix. 

Selling Sunset – a reality show with everything you need

For anyone that has not yet seen the first or the second season, I don’t want to spill too much information. But I will tell you this if you decide to give it a go you are not going to regret it. I seriously have felt a million emotions watching the show and I never want it to end. Selling Sunset is just so entertaining! Shortly described you follow the everyday life of real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. You will see them selling glamorous and luxurious houses in Hollywood, visit trendy restaurants, and have a lot of interesting conversations. If you’re not into reality tv read my article about another Netflix tv show that I loved here! Team Selling Sunset

The ones who make the show worth watching

The characters in Selling sunset are so interesting. And so different from each other, that’s of course where all the drama comes from. The real estate agents that you get to follow are all women; Davina, Chrishell, Christine, Heather, Maya, Amanza, and Mary. The most featured men in the show are Brett and Jason, the owners of the Oppenheim Group, and Mary’s partner Romain. I could tell you all about them here and probably dedicate a whole article for each person but I’m going to let you discover them yourself. I will tell you though, my favorite character is Chrishell. She is in my opinion the most genuine one and has her heart in the right place. She somehow manages to be an extremely strong woman even though she has been through so many heartbreaking situations in her life. A true inspiration in my eyes!

My favorite moment of Selling Sunset season 3

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Christine I just couldn’t wait for her Selling Sunset Gothic winter wedding! I was expecting big things as she always goes all in and this was no exception! The cake, the venue, the decoration, and the people attending were all amazing. Perhaps not to my taste but it was so fabulous and over the top that I couldn’t help being impressed. The ceremony was also very nice and you could really feel the love in the air. Of course, there was drama during the wedding reception! As Chrishell has been going through a tough time as her husband filed for a divorce she wasn’t sure she was going to attend but she did show up. Some comments were made regarding her divorce and that created so much drama. I mean it was just the perfect reality show episode! So to sum this up – don’t miss Selling Sunset! I really think it’s entertaining and you actually learn quite a bit about real estate by watching it! It never hurts to learn new things, right?

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