Humans – the most anticipated book of 2020!

Humans of New York

I’ve been following Humans of New York for years on Instagram. And I just love all the life stories that the founder Brandon is telling is through his art project. Just very recently the book, Humans, with a collection of amazing stories of people all over the world was released. I’m so excited to receive my copy!

The History of Humans

Brandon Stanton started a photography project in New York in 2010. His goal at that point was to photograph 10 000 New Yorkers on the street and create a catalog. The project got the name Humans of New York.

But he then started to interview his subjects and share quotes and stories from their lives on a blog. This in turn has evolved further and in total Humans of New York has over 20 million followers on different social media platforms! That’s a huge number.

Humans is not the first book to be published by the photographer, it’s the third. But without a doubt the most moving and compelling one according to critics.

A market full of books

Although I haven’t yet had the luxury of flipping through the photographs and stories in this book I am so sure that I am going to be equally impressed with Humans as with the two previous ones. If not more as this one is going to give me a glimpse of people’s life all over the planet.

Here is one of my favourite books of this year if you’d rather read a novel!

A huge buzz about Tanqueray

Only a couple of weeks ago Brandon started publishing a series of photos and stories about one New Yorker. Tanqueray, or Stephanie which is her real name. It was a series that had 32 parts and the internet was buzzing with her exciting and incredible life story!

I also loved that he set up a fundraiser for Stephanie. Her health is not the best and she needs some extra help. And with that fundraiser people from all over the world came together and donated over 2 million dollars for her! How amazing is that?

To celebrate the launch of Humans Brandon decided to go live with Stephanie after her story became so popular among the followers. You could buy tickets to the online event and get a copy of the book at the same time. The event was so popular that the live session crashed because of all the traffic. That is a sign of how anticipated the book Humans has been! Luckily everyone who got a ticket also got access to the recorded session so they could watch Tanqueray another time!

New York

Humans of New York is a unique art project

I am so fascinated by Brandons initiative and so in awe of how well this project has turned out. You can really tell that he has put a lot of effort and passion into it and that’s why Humans has turned out to be one of the most anticipated books of 2020.

If you aren’t already following Humans of New York on Instagram you really should. Sometimes I laugh at the stories and sometimes I cry but I always love seeing a new post. It is amazing to get a short glimpse of people’s lives. It almost feels like you are a part of their lives and that is for sure thanks to Brandon’s photography and writing skills.

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