Warning! (Almost) Only for Gals: Emily in Paris

You can see the Eiffel Tower a lot in Emily in Paris

The producer behind the famous tv-show “Sex and the City” has done it again, this time with the new show “Emily in Paris”. Okay, so it’s true that it’s pretty difficult to step into Carrie Bradshaw’s and her girl’s shoes but nevertheless: this one has me and so many fans and social media peeps hooked! 

Although the reviews have been mixed with some bad things being said about Emily in Paris, I think it’s the perfect tv-show for the Sunday mood. Together with Netflix’s Valeria, this is my favorite show for gals right now.

It’s just one of those shows that you put on on a Saturday or Sunday morning and it makes you smile. It’s light, fun, and slightly romantic.

The actors aren’t world-class but they fit the show’s characters. It’s both innocent and bold. Of course, when Samantha in Sex and the City covered in sushi, waiting for Smith, she wouldn’t put it on her Insta Story as Emily probably would.

That’s what makes Emily in Paris so fun. It’s adapted to today’s world, although a bit unrealistic with the number of followers she gained super quickly. This might have been done a few years ago when Instagram had fewer algorithm rules and was easier to get recognized.

However, if you have great content, it can happen. Not so likely that another girl on Insta that moved to a new city would gain a huge following in only a few months. But hey, the show doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.

Okay, slightly getting off track here, I know.

Beautiful Paris

Is it something for you?

The point is, if you enjoy chick flicks then this one is definitely for you. It’s also a great show for passing time and increasing your mood. Nothing too serious to see here which is perfect, I’d say!

What’s funny is that they kind of nail the French mentality in the show, according to my experience anyway. There is one scene where Emily wants to return a steak and it is highly looked down on. The customer is never right here”, her friend tells her.

It’s pretty much the way of French people, they are intense and passionate but don’t critique them, please!

And don’t get me going on Gabriel – Salut beau!! He makes it a bit more – or a lot more – fun to watch.

Paris, France

So why does Emily in Paris have critiques saying bad things about it?

So the amount of clichés is without a doubt turning the heads of the French’. That is the main reason why the critiques and the French are not big fans of Emily in Paris.

Some complaints are also that Emily in Paris doesn’t portrait Paris in an accurate way. But hey, for us who don’t really care about those details and can find amusement in the clichés, we’re loving it!

And what better time to release the show than right when fall has just arrived? Although Netflix has been criticized for releasing Emily in Paris during this time. As for me, give me a glass of wine or a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, and count me in for season 2!

Have you watched the show yet and if you have, what did you think?

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