My top 3 mascaras of all time

My top 3 mascaras
Mascara is an essential item in every woman’s makeup bag. This is the one and only product that can create magic and that you should never be without. I usually keep a spare one in my handbag. I have here listed my top 3 mascaras of all time

Instantly intensifies

Even if you are not wearing any other makeup mascara will instantly intensify your look! It’s a great way of making you look more awake even if you feel tired. There are days when you literally have no time to do your makeup so that’s why I think that mascara is such a great rescuer. It’s very hard to choose just my top 3 mascaras but the ones I have chosen are a bit extra special. Prepare your lashes with an eyelash serum and get great length. I love any mascara that ensures great volume and separated lashes. But it’s equally important that the mascara is long-lasting and doesn’t smudge or flake. Nothing is worse than being black under the eye from the mascara… I don’t normally bother too much about if the mascara has a curling effect. I always curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler before I apply the mascara. My top 3 mascaras are so good and I think you’re going to like them! My favorite mascara

My top 3 mascaras of all time

Number 3 of my top 3 mascaras

Ok so let’s start with my number 3. I have chosen Benefit Cosmetics -They’re real mascara here. It’s a very good one! A mascara that can be found in every beauty editor’s makeup bag, and I get why! A mascara that volumizes, separates, and lengthens the lashes. It works for even the shortest lashes, your look will be completely transformed. The great part is that it stays on for a long time and doesn’t flake, yet it’s easy to remove. In other words the perfect balance!

Number 2

As number two I have chosen Clinique – High Impact Mascara. This one is great for sensitive eyes as Clinique is a brand known for ensuring no harm to the user. It’s also the perfect option for the contact lens wearer as it contains no mineral, oils, or fragrance. The volume from this mascara is absolutely amazing! You’ll love to wear it. It’s also super easy to remove but just like the Benefit mascara, it doesn’t smudge or flake. It comes in both black and brown and is highly pigmented so you won’t need to use a lot to get the perfect result. It was very hard to choose between this one and my number one on my top 3 mascaras. Perfect Mascara

Number 1 of my top 3 mascaras

Aaand now on to the best of the best, the cherry on the top, the joy of the joys! Lancome – Hypnose Drama the ultimate on my top 3 mascaras! With the curled oversized brush you are guaranteed amazing volume. The lashes will be thicker, fuller, and longer – an effect that will last forever (or at least until you decide to take it off). With this one there is no need for layer after layer, one is more than enough and will give you a great look. When I want to feel a bit extra I do 2 coats for even more drama! You can’t go wrong with this one! I hope you enjoyed my list and I’m sure you already have your favorites. But I hope I inspired you with my top 3 mascaras.

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