Raging Stars Gift Box

My Raging Stars Gift Box

I wanted to share a fun experience I recently had with you guys. I saw an ad on Facebook which I have to say was spot on. A free beauty Gift Box from a new webshop called Raging Stars. Basically, if you become a member of their club, you’ll receive a Raging Stars Gift Box of your own choice. I could not let that chance go. Since it was such a fun experience I thought I’d share it with you. Maybe it’s something you are considering doing as well. 

Deciding on my Raging Stars Gift Box

I have to admit that at first, I had no idea that I could choose between several Raging Stars Gift Boxes. It was the Nyx Gift Box that tempted me and made me take a closer look at the Raging Stars offer. I wanted to make sure that Raging Stars was not a scam, so I made sure to read everything on the page before committing to anything. To me, it seemed like a great deal, so I took my chance and signed up. 

The Raging Stars Club

It’s safe to say that I’m not the first person to sign up to a random club or anything else. I am pretty careful when it comes to what I’m agreeing to both online and in real life. What made me feel calmer was that even though you sign up for the Raging Stars Club in order to get the Raging Stars Gift Box, you have the option to leave the club at any time. I really like that. The fact that it’s no set commitment period is very reassuring. I am still a member, but if I all of a sudden find out that I don’t feel like it anymore, there’s no problem unsubscribing the same day. I even double-checked this with their customer service before signing up to make sure I did not misunderstand anything. 

Online shopping from my bed

Communicating with their customer service

As I mentioned, I actually contacted customer service before signing up for my Raging Stars Gift Box. I might be extra cautious, but I just wanted to make sure that I had the correct idea in regards to what I actually signed up for when I became a member. My sister always says that I’m overly cautious with these things, haha. At the same time, I’ve never experienced anything bad since I always check everything before I actually agree with something. That’s a quality I’m actually proud of. Basically, customer service got back to me the following day, and they explained their concept in a clear way. I was actually very happy about getting such a quick answer, as I’ve experienced earlier with other businesses that that’s not the case. I was also content with getting my questions answered right away without a lot of back and forth. 

The Raging Stars Gift Box

As soon as I had signed up for the Raging Stars Gift Box I got a message telling me that I had to activate my gift card in order to receive my free Gift Box. Although I didn’t expect having to do that I honestly didn’t mind. I absolutely understand that since all the members need to be at least 18 years of age, they need to have a way to verify that. It makes sense. As I previously mentioned I’m always very cautious online… I made sure to cover up any sensitive details on my ID card. It was no problem at all, and my gift card was activated the following day. Since I had already chosen my Nyx Gift Box I was still sure that I wanted that one, but as my gift card was activated I took a look at the rest of the choices I had. 

A big selection of Raging Stars Gift Boxes to choose from

I was actually quite surprised by the huge selection of gift boxes that Raging Stars offered on their website for all new members. I was sure that I would go for the Nyx Gift Box, but at the same time, I felt like it would be stupid not to check if it was a Gift Box that could be an even better fit for me. Among the choices, I found Raging Stars Gift Boxes containing amazing brands and products. My main focus was that I wanted a beauty Gift Box, but I noticed that they had other choices too. For example products and things for men, and also boxes containing hair products and other things. In the end, I placed the Nyx Gift Box in my shopping cart, put in my gift card, and paid for shipping. My Raging Stars Gift Box was officially on its way

My parcel from Raging Stars

Receiving the Gift Box was a nice surprise

Honestly, I have to admit that I didn’t expect to receive the Raging Stars Gift Box so soon. I usually have to wait a couple of weeks every time I order something, but with Raging Stars, I had the box in just a week’s time. I was so excited when I heard my doorbell ringing, and when I opened it I saw the box on my doorstep. Yaaay, what a way to make a regular Tuesday better. Before receiving the Raging Stars Gift Box I was thinking that it’d be cool to make an unboxing video… When I received it, I completely forgot about that, haha. I was too excited! But I will tell you all about our products. 

The products that I chose for my Raging Stars Gift Box

I don’t know if I already mentioned it, but one of the things that I really loved when it came to my Raging Stars Gift Box was that I was able to choose what it would contain myself. It was approximately 20 products I could choose from, and all of them were from Nyx of course. I ended up choosing some great products that I’m extremely happy with. I’m gonna tell you all about them now. 

Nyx Worth The Hype Mascara

Before trying this mascara I had probably heart 7 different friends tell me about how great it was. And I’m so glad I trusted them because it is truly amazing. I love that it’s not “too much” for my lashes, they just get a lot of volume and the length is truly great. I know they are my own lashes, but with other mascaras, I’ve previously felt like I needed to put on several layers in order to receive the result I’m looking for. On this one, that’s another story. Such a quick and easy mascara to use, as I get a great result only after one or two layers without smudging during the day. Love! Definitely worth the hype, haha. 

The best liquid eyeliner – Nyx Epic Wear Liquid Liner

If there’s one person that constantly messes up when it comes to liquid liner, it’s me. But after a lot of training, I’ve actually gotten better at it. The felt tip is very easy to work with, and it leaves a very intense result. For now, after wearing it several times, I have not had any problems with smudging or that it gets “too try” and flakey during the day. 

The products I got in my Raging Stars Gift Box

The matte lipstick that lasts ALL day – Nyx Lip Lingerie Push-Up Lipstick

It was the first time I tried the Lip Lingerie Push-Up Long-Lasting Lipstick from Nyx, but when I got the opportunity to put it in my Raging Stars Gift Box, I had no reason to not try it. I’ve actually been wanting to try it for a long time, but just haven’t purchased it as I could never decide on a color. In the end, the color called “Bedtime Flirt” was the one I chose, and it’s the perfect matte nude color. This is my current go-to both for my everyday look and when I want to look extra nice. But then I combine it with more makeup on the eyes as well. If you want some other tips for fabulous lips you can read them here

Classic red lips that don’t get dry – Nyx Powder Puff Lippie

First of all, the applicator of the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie is amazing. If you have tried the product you will for sure know what I mean. The product is a lightweight cushion lip cream. It does not get dry when it sets even though it has a matte finish. Another plus is that the product is actually vegan, which is always a great thing. I chose a classic red color called “Boys Tears” as I’ve been looking for the perfect red color for a while now. Well, I think I found it! I don’t wear red lips on a daily basis. When I do it’s important to me that the product is long-lasting without drying out my lips. And for sure – the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie does not do that. It’s just great. 

My favorite in the Raging Stars Gift Box – Nyx Swear By It Shadow Palette

When I first saw this palette among the choices for my Raging Stars Gift Box I actually could not believe it. I thought it was a miniature version or something like that. But no – it’s actually the palette with 40 different colors. It’s truly amazing and it takes my makeup game to the next level. I’m not the best at creating looks… But with this one, I actually get the chance to play around. I can try different colors and trends, as well as actually always have the classic colors available. Even though the palette is inspired by fall, I feel like it’s extremely versatile. I will for sure use it all year round. I completely understand why this palette is so popular. I’m so happy that I got ahold of one, and for free! 

The best brushes

My final thoughts on my Raging Stars Gift Box

I’m extremely happy to say that my Raging Stars Gift Box was even better than what I first expected when I signed up for it. I only had to pay for the shipping, and the value of the Gift Box is definitely worth more than what I paid for the shipping. The fact that I can unsubscribe from the Raging Stars Club at any time just made the whole process a whole lot easier. I don’t know if I’ll be a member for long, but at least I have my free Raging Stars Gift Box and I know I’ll enjoy the products for a long time.

Do I recommend the Raging Star Gift Box?

If you are considering taking advantage of the Raging Stars Gift Box offer, I’d say – go for it. As I previously mentioned, make sure that you read the fine print. It’s important to be aware of what you sign up for. That goes for any time signing up for something. If you’re insecure about if you understood it correctly, you can always ask someone. That’s what I did with customer service. My experience has been nothing but positive. I’d strongly recommend you to benefit from this offer if you are interested in receiving some great beauty products at home for free. 

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