New Year’s Eve makeup tips for your eyes & lips

Beautiful girl

New Year’s Eve is arguably one of the most anticipated nights of the year. It provides us with the perfect excuse to make a special effort to dress up to the nines and make ourselves look absolutely phenomenal. Generally, your look on New Year’s Eve is centered around what you wear. Except for New Year’s Eve, you can really go to town on your look! First and foremost, leave the basic look for the other 364 days of the year. This New Year’s Eve, bring out all the glitter, sparkle, and bold colors. Here, I have compiled some of my favorite looks for your eyes & lips to wear on the night that we have been waiting for – the day that we can finally say goodbye to 2020! 

Red lips for New Year's Eve

Luscious lips on New Year’s Eve

We have all seen the moment in Christmas films where two people will kiss as the clock counts down the final seconds of the year. To get to this point girls, we need to entice. Depending on how confident you are feeling on the night in question, I have three suggestions for your locking lips.

Start by keeping your makeup fairly neutral, and lengthen your eyelashes with a quality mascara. After this, apply the final flourish. Choose a dark statement shade of the classic red, or for the more daring ones amongst us, try a black shiny lipstick. If you want to tone it down a little, then a maroon/burgundy lip is a great alternative to provide a more classic, charming look.

If you are wanting to go all out this New Year’s Eve, then glitter/metallic lips are a must. This provides us with an alternative to glitter eyeshadow. Great for those of you who can’t quite master the smokey eye as the experts do. To achieve a dazzling look, simply dab some cosmetic glitter on top of your favorite lipstick. Finally, we have my personal favorite which we could say is a happy medium. Moving away from the classics, we have ombre lips. First, start by placing lipstick on to the center of your lips. Then, using a finger or brush, blend the lipstick outward to the rest of your lips.

Pretty eyeshadow

Extravagant eyeshadow

Here you have the opportunity to play around with your favorite eyeshadow palette. Or, an even better idea, shop around and treat yourself to a new one! New Year’s Eve is the time to use those shades that you usually avoid as they may seem ‘too much’ for your everyday look. I encourage you to put your heart & soul into your eye makeup this holiday season. Play around with the different shades or try one of my suggestions below:

  • Glitter eyes. Don’t allow the prospect of using glitter to overwhelm you. You can always combine it with a natural shade for a more subtle look. On the other hand, to really stand out, choose a bold or metallic eyeshadow for a look that needs no introduction. I recommend also applying eyeliner, to make your eyes really pop.
  • Jewel-toned eyeshadow is always recommended when you want to play around with color. You will need to apply a lot of layers of the emerald, or ruby tones, and using your blending brush, bring the shadow under the bottom lash line for a smokier look. Add false eyelashes for extra definition.

Speaking of eyeliner, this season’s latest trends have seen us leave the traditional black eyeliner behind, and have introduced us to some welcome additions. Bite the bullet and try the new craze of white, electric neon, or double liner. One stroke of eyeliner was so 2020. For a super sexy look this New Year’s Eve, apply your usual cat eye on the top lip. Transform this look by adding a sharp line under your bottom lid. Valentino mastered this look in the Paris Fashion Week for the fall/winter show.

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