My Favorite Products and Tips for Thick Curly Hair

curly hair

Curly hair is tricky – let’s face it. But it’s also gorgeous if well taken care of. I know firsthand how difficult it is to actually find good products for not only curly but also thick hair. Your curls need extra love and care and they thank you when you give it to them. Whether you want to define your curls or just help them look controlled, here are my favorite products for curly hair. 

My discoveries

Searching and searching. It can take time before finding a good – or a great – product for thick and curly hair. It also depends on what you’re looking for – a wet look, a look where your curls are free and wild, or a defined look for your curls. So let’s dive in. take care of your curls

My savior for curly hair

Let’s start with the best one. It took me years before I found it and after countless recommendations for my curly hair. What worked on others didn’t always work on my hair since the texture is a bit different- I don’t have fine hair so I need something that helps me control the curls. It’s perfect to shop for these products online and you can read more about that here

When I found this product eight years ago – I was jumping up and down out of joy. So happy that I found a product that could control my curls, define them, and helped me look my best. The product that I love – and have loved for years – is from Tigi. It’s called Curls Rock Amplifier and is absolutely incredible. Depending on how you want your hair to be on a particular day, you can choose to add more or less. It is a bit sticky so you have to wash your hands a while afterward – but according to me, it’s totally worth it.

The natural way

I like to take the natural route as well. My favorite product sits on my shelf in my bathroom but I don’t always want to use too many chemicals. So I give my hair a break from time to time and use home-made hair masks or put in some coconut oil after I shower. Eco-friendly is always a nice touch – whether it is eco-travel, food, or products for hair and body. Just be mindful not to use too much of it, coconut oil should be used with care for this type of hair. I use the Virgin Coconut Oil that is cold-pressed. The purer, the better. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the oil with all its minerals and nourishment then you should choose the Virgin Coconut Oil. Beautiful curly hair

The best detangling product for curly hair

One of my favorite products for detangling hair – which I often need to do – is a new one I recently found. I stumbled upon it online and it’s actually a Spanish brand called Babaria. Their detangling hair mask with olive oil is the one I’ve tried. It’s absolutely amazing! Especially when I let my hair be natural and free, it easily gets tangled. And then taking the brush or a comb after I’ve washed it, I need to be extra careful. But with this product, I run through it smoothly without it hurting my hair. That’s why I love it. It’s honestly like a bit of magic, haven’t experienced it with other products before – not even many of the expensive ones. The brand’s products are vegan and animal friendly too which makes it even better!

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