Fabulous lips: The best products

I love to use lipstick and lipgloss, or anything that you can apply to the lips really! I honestly think this is the best way to brighten up and get fabulous lips. Even on a day when you don’t feel 100% great a red lipstick gives me confidence. Here are some tips on my favorite lip products and also a new discovery that I received yesterday!


I’ll start with my favorite category of lip products! The glosses, I just can’t get enough and probably have way too many in my makeup drawer. The reason I like glosses so much is because they are so versatile. Either you use them on their own, over lipstick for that glossy finish, or on your cheeks. Yesterday I received a product that will from now on be my go-to lip gloss for fabulous lips. I think this could qualify as my favorite lip gloss of all times! It is Lauren Conrad Beauty lip gloss. It has the perfect finish and the best part: it’s vegan and ethically sourced. You can’t go wrong with that. I’ll be getting the gloss in more colors for sure and will also recommend it to everyone! If you’re looking for inspiration for mascaras, read this article! Use lip gloss for fabulous lips


A pair of red lips for a day at the office or drinks with your girlfriend is the final touch that completes your outfit. I love lipsticks, they come in so many colors and different finishes. In other words, you can use the right one for your current mood! When I’m feeling a bit quieter or when I don’t want to stand out too much but still have fabulous lips I go for a discreet nude pink. The lipstick I prefer to use on those days is Chanel Rouge Coco Flash number 90 Jour. It’s the perfect pink. It also has a creamy texture and hydrates the lips. An absolute delight to use! Fabulous lips

Fabulous lips with balm

Lip balms are essential. It’s so important to keep the lips hydrated. Especially if you’re going to use matte lipstick. It will make sure your lips are hydrated and don’t look flaky. I usually apply a good lip balm before I go to bed to wake up with great looking lips. I have one favorite in this category that ensures fabulous lips! It is Clarins Hydra Essentiel Lip Balm. This is the nicest thing you can apply to your lips without a doubt! It has such a creamy texture and just glides on your lips. And it also keeps them hydrated for hours and hours. It can be used on its own as it is slightly pink.

Treatments for fabulous lips

For scrubs and other treatments for fabulous lips, I always turn to Lush! I love their vegan and cruelty-free products and there are so many to choose from! A scrub is by far the best way of giving your lips the extra care they so often are in need of. They’ll be super soft and hydrated and ready for a coat of lipstick or gloss!

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