Eyelash serum: my revolutionary discovery

An eyelash serum can make a big difference
As you all know I love trying new products! Especially beauty products. And now I have found a new eyelash serum that I just have to tell you about! I have tried it for about 4 weeks and I can see a great improvement in the length and thickness of my lashes. 

What is an eyelash serum and why should you use it

Some people are lucky enough to have great eyelashes without doing anything! Unfortunately, I’m not one of them and therefore I like to give them a bit of a boost with eyelash serum. This is a great product that allows your lashes to get extra nutrition and help them grow both longer and thicker. In general, it’s very easy to apply the serum with the brush. A good eyelash serum will give you results in just a few weeks so it is definitely worth it if you want to look extra fabulous! What’s also important when it comes to giving an extra boost to any part of your body is sleep. This goes for eyelashes as well.

My new eyelash serum discovery

Ok so I have to admit that I have tried a few of them already. Some have been good and some were a complete waste of money and time. The last one I tried is Lancome Lash Revitalizing Serum! And wow, I can’t find a bad word to say about this product. Long beautiful lashes thanks to an eyelash serum

The formula

Lancome has in this eyelash serum combined 4 amino acids to stimulate healthy growth. Because just as hair needs special care so do the lashes. They are also hair and can easily break and get damaged. The 4 amino acids in this formula are boosting the growth of new lashes. The eyelash serum makes the lashes feel protected, conditioned, and nourished and I especially like that it’s actually something you notice right away. The 3 top ingredients you find in this formula are Kerasolution Komplex (amino acids), hyaluronic acid, and cica.

A well-loved product

I am not the only one loving this product! A study shows that almost 90% of women who have shared their opinion about this eyelash serum find it to be a hit! Most women said their lashes felt and looked longer and that they also experienced less loss of lashes when removing makeup. I can only agree with this!

Tips when applying the eyelash serum

A tip is to apply a bit of serum before you are going to apply mascara, you’ll already see a difference there! Just make sure you let the eyelash serum dry for about 2 min before applying the mascara. But for the regular application do make sure your lashes are completely clean and apply it with the brush just before going to bed. Make sure you are consistent, you are not going to regret it as you’ll see results faster than you think. You are going to love how easy it is to use the wand, it’s super precise and you get just the right amount of serum on the lashes. If you haven’t tried this serum yet I’d definitely recommend you to do so. It has changed my eyelashes in just about 4 weeks. Revolutionary!

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